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                                                                                  The Wilds


Carli the wolf: funny, perky, adventurous, likable, talkative, cheerful, smiley, and active. Hope is her best friend. She and hope lead the Wilds on their advertures.


 Hope the Back Panther: out dorsey, fun to be around, random,a food lover but always works it off, awesome and a friend to the everybody. She is the group cook. If you want her to find look up in a tree.




 Morgan the kangaroo: pretty, fashionable, happy, calm, patient, animal lover, a great  dancer, and sweet. She is very hyper. You never know when she is going to start dancing.



Lena the chipmunk: party girl, sweet, nature person, world lover, and peace maker. She is is very chippy. She brings Hope fresh nuts and berrys so she can make all diffirent kinds of food.





Georgi the owl: smart, peaceful, amazing, lover of science and math, and dreamy. Helps the other wilds with their homework.




Kayla the lioness: bully, tough, aggressive, mean, and scary. She thinks that the Wilds are totally dorks. She never goes on the adventures.


Audrey the bat: loner, very nice, likes being alone, happy, and, kind. She always flys on her own.  She is very shy.